Windows 10: Upgrade error 0x80200013

Some users are facing Windows Update error 0x80200013 during Upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Below I will discuss the error cause and (probably) how to fix it.


A reader of my German blog left me a comment about the Windows 10 upgrade error 0x80200013. The reader mentioned, that Windows 10 upgrade advisor reported his system as sufficient for Windows 10. But he got upgrade error 0x80200013. Well, the error code has nothing to do with "hardware requirements" for Windows 10. Searching the web, brought me also to this US MS anwers thread, where an update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 has failed with the same error code. One user posted a screen shot.

This screenshot clearly indicates, that the error code has been raised by Windows Update. Searching the web again brought me to the MS-Answers post windows 7 sp1 won't install error code 80200013, dealing with an update to Windows 7 SP1. What took immediately my focus was the following error description:

Error 0x80200013
BITS can request ranges of updates. However, if the network proxy or firewall device does not support range requests, BITS cannot download updates. Therefore, BITS returns the 0x80200013 error code. When this problem occurs, the %windir%\Windowsupdate.log displays the following entry:
Download job failed due to insufficient range support
To resolve this problem, contact the vendor of the network proxy or firewall device.

My immediate idea and suggestion to my commenting user was: Uninstall your third party firewall and/or antivirus/Internet Security Suite – because theses tools are probably the root cause for this behavior. Also use a vendors clean tool to remove remaining registry entries and files from the previous sw install. After a restart, the issue should have gone.

Postscript: Within this forum thread a user from Austria confirmed my assumption in another way:


I found myself the solution after 2 days of searching the Internet, however, I believe that this error is not the same for everybody.
My Internet connection, A1 mobile Internet here in Austria, had firewall and antivirus on my connection without my knowledge.
The moment I disabled these services from my online account with my internet provider everything works now as expected without problems or stupid messages like "something happened" that I received when I was trying to download the ISO of windows 10…
The firewall & antivirus of my provider prevented the download.

Hope this helps to solve this error. Feedback is always welcome.

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4 Responses to Windows 10: Upgrade error 0x80200013

  1. joe bvunzawabaya says:

    im failing to upgrade my pc from windows7 to windows 10 because of error 0x80200013-0x90017

  2. berdosana says:

    The Problem was our Firewall configuration, thats blocked this traffic.

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