Update KB3114409 pulled, because it kills Outlook 2010

Windows UpdateMicrosoft has released update KB3114409 on last patch day (12/08/2015) that kills Outlook 2010.


I've been notified about that issue via a user mail (I'm using Thunderbird portable as an e-mail client). The reader wrote:

After installing Microsoft's updates today, my Outlook 2010 x86 won't work in a proper way anymore. Some view settings are lost, the favorites are empty, the mail preview area is disabled and also other features are no more available.

After checking KB article 3114409, I've learned that Microsoft is aware of this problem. They wrote:

After you install this update, Outlook 2010 may start only in safe mode. If this issue occurs, uninstall the update. This update is no longer available now.

Again Microsoft failed with rollout of an update. My suggestion to the reader, who has informed me, was: uninstall update 3114409.

Remarks: Some readers are hit by other updates that clears the update history. So the option to uninstall this update via control panel is no more available. In this case it's possible to invoke an administrative console window and enter the following command:

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3114409


This forces uninstalling package KB3114409. BTW: Some other users has informed me, that KB3114409 pulled from Windows Update is still offered in WSUS.

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