Windows 10: Flash Update KB3132372 issues

Security Update KB3132372 (Update for vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge: December 29, 2015) is causing several issues in Windows 10.


I've blogged about that critical security Flash update at Flash Player security updates – also for Windows (KB3132372). But it seems, that several third party software fails after installing this update.

  • HP Solution Center doesn't work anymore, as mentioned here (a fix isn't probable, because this software is a bit outdated).
  • Fiesta Launcher fails to launch after installing Update KB3132372 (see).
  • Some user reported (deleted), that his screen saver refuse to work under Windows 10 Version 1511 with Update KB3132372 installed.
  • Nexon Steam Game Launcher fails after installing Update KB3132372 (see here and here).
  • Kaneva's 3D-Client doesn't work anymore, if Update KB3132372 has been installed under Windows 10 (see).
  • Also Web design software WebPlus X8 crashes after Update KB3132372 has been installed under Windows 10 (see).

As far as I found out, security update KB3132372 causes an error in Delegate method of System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke class. So .NET applications and scripts are no more able to invoke this method or access some objects. Uninstalling KB3132372 will solve this issue – but this isn't a good idea, because vulnerabilities in Flash Player has been used to attack systems.

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