Windows 10 V 1511: Servicing Stack Update KB3140741

[German]Microsoft has released this night update KB3140741 (Servicing stack update for Windows 10 Version 1511: March 22, 2016). It's an extraordinary, but minor update, with not too much information. But I've compiled a few additional hints, what this update ist good form. 


Update KB3140741 is a mini update, that makes – according to Microsoft – some stability improvements for Windows 10 Version 1511 servicing stack. But we should note: KB3140741 isn't a cumulative update. If Servicing Stack hasn't been updated, the package is 5 MB (32-Bit-Windows) or 11 MB (64-Bit-Windows) in size. A direct download via Microsoft Update-Katalog is possible (IE 11 under Windows 10 is required). Installing this patch doesn't requires a reboot.

Inside-Information? Not from Microsoft

I assume, that Microsoft found some major bugs within Windows 10 Version 1511 Servicing Stack. Unfortunately Microsoft is small lipping according to details, an the Windows 10 Update-History doesn't cover this update till yet. But KB3140741 replaces Update KB3139907. This update has been released at March 1, 2016. KB3139907 lists all files replaced by this update. So it seems that a couple of network related files are exchanged. But also update related files are updated.

I have had a short view into update packe. A lot of .cat-, .mum- and .manifest-files has been updated. The file manifest_.cix.xml specifies all altered files within this update package (z.B. cmitrust.dll, smiengine_dll, tifilefetcher.exe, poqexec.exe, sppinst.dll, wbemcore.dll, esscli.dll etc., probably all files listed at KB3139907). But I haven't analyzed the details.

What is Servicing Stack?

Probably some readers are asking what is a Servicing Stack? Microsoft describes the task of the Servicing stack here:

The servicing stack includes the files and resources that are required to service a Windows image. This includes the Package Manager executable, the required servicing libraries, and other resources. The servicing stack is included in all Windows installations.

The Servicing stack is also used for update installation (including transaction support via Pending.xml (if a restart during update install is required). An older description of servicing stack tasks may be found here.


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2 Responses to Windows 10 V 1511: Servicing Stack Update KB3140741

  1. T says:

    My touchpad reacts differently after installing this update. Is it possible this update affected my touchpad?

    • guenni says:

      Not sure whether the update is the root cause – but: Just try a system restore before update installation.

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