Fix for Surface Pro 3 battery degradation?

Maybe good news for owners of a Surface Pro 3. Microsoft is believing that the battery bug, that is degrading the Surface batteries after a year, may be found. They are testing a fix internally.


I've written about this issue in a blog post 'Akku gate': Surface Pro 3 and the "sudden" battery dead – users of a Surface Pro 3 are complaining about a massive degradation of battery capacity after a year.

(Source: MS Answers)

Shortly after I've published the blog post linked above, Microsoft announced that it's probably possible to fix the problem with a software update (see Surface Pro 3 battery issue – a statement from Microsoft). NowBrian Hall, General Manager for Surface, has answered a user tweet.

It`s not "we are ready to fix it", but it's hope for Surface Pro 3 users. If you are affected, check this tread in Surface forum from time to time for news. (via)


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