Fixes for Windows printing issue (August 2016)

Installing security update MS16-098 on August patch day (August 9, 2016), causes serious printing issues. This blog post contains a summary which Microsoft updates fixes the printing issue in which Windows version.


Just look back

Security update MS16-098, released on August patch day (August 9, 2016), changed something in Windows kernel and broke the printing feature. Afterward printing more than two jobs or multi page reports wasn't possible anymore. The recommendation was uninstall the security update. I've blogged about the incident at Printing issues with Microsoft Security Patch MS16-098.

Fixes on a day by day base …

After releasing the faulty security update, it took a long time until the first patches arrived. Here are an overview.

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012: Microsoft has released update KB3187022 on August 24, 2016. The update is available via Microsoft Update Catalog and needs to be installed manually. I wrote about that within the blog post Update KB3187022 fixes Windows 7/8.1 printing issue.
  • Windows 10 RTM, Windows 10 Enterprise LTBS: Microsoft has released update KB3186987 (Cumulative update for Windows 10: August 19, 2016) for Windows 10 RTM and Windows 10 Enterprise LTBS on August 19, 2016. Details are published within my blog post Update KB3186987 for Windows 10 fixes printing issue.
  • Windows 10 Version 1511: On  August 30, 2016 Microsoft released update KB3186988 (CRITSIT- CATALOG ONLY – Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1511 – KB 3186988 – 2016.08 OOB), which fixed the printing issue. Details has been discussed within my blog post Update KB3186988 for Windows 10 Version 1511 printing issues?
  • Windows 10 Version 1607: A fix for the printing issue in Anniversary Update took till August 31, 2016. The Microsoft released update KB3176938 (Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607: August 31, 2016). The update description doesn't mentioned the printing issue. But in my blog post Cumulative Update KB3176938 for Windows 10 Version 1607 I made it clear, that the printing issue has been addressed. 

Till now I have not found a complete description of these fixes from Microsoft. Only Microsoft employee Dan Mattson has given some details within this MS-Answers-forum thread about updates to fix printing issues.

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