Java SE 8 Update 111/112 available

[German]Oracle  has released the quarterly update for JAVA, so Java SE 8 Update 111 and Update 112 are available. Both updates ships security fixes for vulnerabilities, that can be used within a browser. 


The fixed vulnerabilities are documented in Oracle’s Critical Patch Update Advisory – October 2016. Downloads for the new versions for Linux, OS X, Solaris and Windows may be obtained from this Oracle site.

Java SE 8 Update 111 is the version for end users. Java SE 8 Update 112 is a version for developers, which additionally contains some extended API support.


The release notes are available at this Oracle site. If JAVA isn’t used under Windows, my recommendation is, to uninstall JAVA SE via control panel.

 JAVA Bloadware

Just a warning: If you are using the JAVA updater shown in the dialogs above, take care to uncheck the “Adware” offer (like the Yahoo start page) shown above.


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