Windows 10: Upgrade error 0x80070570-0x2000C

[German]Some users are facing an upgrade error 0x80070570-0x2000C during upgrading Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 – or during Windows 10 feature upgrades. Here are a few details, to troubleshoot this issue.


I stumbled upon this error in German MS Answers forum thread Windows 10 wird nicht installiert (Fehler 0x80070570-0x2000C in phase safe_os apply image nicht durchführbar). The thread title indicates, that the install process failed during Safe_OS phase, because the Windows installation image can't be enrolled.

What does error code 0x80070570 stands for?

Error code 0x80070570 stands for ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT, a hint, that Windows system files are broken or the Windows file system is damaged.

And what does sub error code 0x2000C means?

The original error code was  0x80070570-0x2000C. What sub error code 0x2000C  stands for? Within my article Windows 10: Analyze upgrade errors I addressed sub error codes, thrown during upgrades. Sub errors 0x2000x are thrown in safe_os phase. Here is the explanation:

Safe OS phase: A recovery partition is configured and updates are installed. An OS rollback is prepared if needed. During this phase error codes like 0x2000C, 0x20017 are possible.

The letter C in sub error code 0x2000C says SP_EXECUTION_OP_APPLY_IMAGE – something went wrong during applying the install image.

What can I do?

In a first step you should process a system file check using the instructions given Ii n Check and repair Windows system files and component store (works also for Windows 10, in Windows 7 only the sfc /scannow command works). Within my article Windows 10: Analyze upgrade errors I also proposed the following steps:


  • Check all hard drives for errors and attempt repairs. To automatically repair hard drives, open an elevated command prompt, switch to the drive you wish to repair, and type chkdsk /F. You will be required to reboot the computer if the hard drive being repaired is also the system drive.
  • Update Windows so that all available recommended updates are installed and uninstall all third party antivirus software (Windows Defender protects your system during the upgrade).
  • Uninstall all nonessential software and verify compatibility information for antivirus and other software, before installing it after the upgrade.
  • Remove nonessential external hardware, such as docks and USB devices and update firmware and drivers.

I found also this German Microsoft Answers forum thread, where a user reported, that a wrong disk cluster size is causing this error. He wrote:

if you use a clean install at existing disk drives, you will be facing the same error during the next major update! The problem here was the wrong cluster size. Win10 requires 4k, while my disk was formatted with a cluster size of 512 byte. After converting the disk's structure with a tool to 4k cluster size, the upgrade was possible.

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