Windows 10 Version 1607: WSUS issues and fixes (0xc1800118, 0x8024500c)

Just an addendum for administrators who are not aware of WSUS issues under Windows 10 Version 1607 clients. There are issues ending in error 0xc1800118, and error 0x8024500c. But workarounds are known since months.


Distributing Windows 10 Version 1607 via WSUS results in error 0xc1800118

I've been informed since a while from some of my German blog readers about this issue – but forgot to publish it. Here is, what's the matter: Since August 2016 administrators wasn't able to distribute Windows 10 Version 1607 (as a feature update) via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). An attempt to distribute this feature update ends with error code 0xc1800118. Blog reader Uwe S. has send me an e-mail end of September pointing out a workaround:

Microsoft provides finally a solution to install "feature update Windows 10 Pro, Version 1607" via WSUS.

MS article KB3194588 has been extended with additional steps. Here two posters mentioning, that the workaround did the job. Also I was able on my test machine, using the workaround from kb3194588 , to install Windows 10 Pro, Version 1607 via WSUS without error 0xc1800118.

Windows 10 Version 1607 loads updates from WU instead of WSUS

There is also a problem with Windows 10 Version 1607 clients. According to post in internet forums (I don't use WSUS), the new client drags updates via Windows Update (WU) instead from WSUS (as configured via group policies). I got some comments within my German blog (see). And I found a while ago this Microsoft Technet thread. Windows 10 Version 1607 clients could not contact WSUS to download updates. Within the thread error 0x8024500c has been mentioned, if the option  "Defer updates" is selected in Windows update settings.

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