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[German]Microsoft obviously intends, beginning with Windows 10 Creators Update, to support an (optional) app install policy, that restricts installs to Windows Store apps only. Here are a few details.


Microsoft has been experimenting with this features since a few Redstone 2 Insider Preview Builds (Windows 10 Creators Update). An administrator can set up a policy, that let install only apps from Windows Store. The folks from MSPowerUser has mentioned within the article Microsoft just added the best way of preventing installation of bloatware in Windows 10. But this feature wasn’t new.

Have a closer look

I took the opportunity to have a closer look into the Settings app – under Apps you can go to the sub category Apps & features and select an option within pulldown menu ‘Installing apps – Choose where apps can be installed from”.

In Windows 10 Build 15031 you will find only two options (see the screenshot above). But Windows 10 Build 15044 offers the following options.


A user can restrict installing apps from Windows Store and prevent installing Win32 apps. Some bloggers are writing, it preventing Windows 10 from installing bloatware. But I would not take that position.

I’ve tested it shortly, the feature is still buggy. Portable apps, running without installing, are executable. Also already installed apps. I’ve tested a couple of programs, most of them has been installable. Finally I found Firefox installer who is causing the dialog box shown below. 

Don’t know, which Voodoo code runs behind the curtains to stop an installer. For my own, I was able to launch Skype installer for instance. I don’t know, whether this is the next step to Windows 10 Cloud. It raised the question “is this the next dead born child from Microsoft”? What’s your opinion?

Just a remark

This feature isn’t that new as we can believe, after reading the MSPowerUser article. A German reader of my blog pointed out, that this option has been available since long time for developers – see the next screen shot (obtained from a German Windows 10 Version 1607).

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