Windows 10 Version 1703: Turn off Ads in Explorer

It seems that Microsoft has begun to show ads not only on lock screen, start menu, share menu and taskbar. Ads may also be shown in Windows Explorer panes. Here's how to turn off such advertising in explorer.


Microsoft is using advertising heavily in Windows 10. First we have had ads in start menu, then ads has been spotted in taskbar notifications, action center and share menu. Now a user has also spotted an ad within Windows explorer. At is a thread, containing the screenshot shown below.

Ads in Explorer

It seems, that Microsoft is showing ads everywhere. The ads shown in right explorer pane says

Get the best deal on your cloud storage with OneDrive.

For $6.99 a month, an Office 365 subscription gets you 1 TB (1000 GB) of OneDrive cloud storage as well as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

But the user already has an Office 365 subscription. So the question is: How to turn off this kind of ads?

1. Open Windows Explorer, go to View tab and click to Options menu button.


2. Go to View tab in Folder options property page and uncheck Show sync provider notifications.

After closing the tab via OK button, this kind of ads should not be shown anymore. You can also use the registry editor regedit.exe and navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

Then add (if necessary) a DWORD ShowSyncProviderNotifications and set it's value to 0, to prevent ads shown in Explorer. Further details may be read here or here.

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