Windows 10 Creators Update: Here are the downloads

[German]Since April 5, 2017 Microsoft supports upgrading Wind0ws 10 systems to version 1703 (Creators Update) for end users. But the upgrade need a manual installation. Therefor Microsoft provides install images, an upgrade assistant also also the Windows Media Creation Tool. Here is an overview, where to obtain install images and how to upgrade. to Windows 10 Creators Update.


Use the Upgrade Assistant to move to Creators Update

An existing Windows 10 system may be be updated manually to Windows 10 Creators Update using the Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard Windows10Upgrade28085.exe. This tool may be downloaded from the this website:

There is a small trap, I was catched. Article KB4014184 contains a link to a software download site. There should be a button Update now. But this button will be shown only, if the site is visited within a browser running under Windows 10. Otherwise only a download of Media Creation Tool is offered.

Executing the Upgrade Wizard Windows10Upgrade28085.exe from Windows and confirming the UAC prompt, a wizard will guide the user trough the upgrade.

The wizard checks the system for compatibility, downloads the install files and initiate the upgrade install. The advantage of this approach: A user doesn't need to much knowledge about an upgrade process. But this approach only works on a Windows 10 machine that shall be upgrades to Creators Update. I just did a test on a Windows 10 Version 1607 machine, and it went flawless through the install process (although it took a long time to upgrade).

Create an install media via Media Creation Tool

Microsoft prefers that end users are using Windows Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10 Creators Update and run an install on a machine or create install media (ISO file or USB stick). Windows Media Creation Tool is available on this software download site.


The file MediaCreationTool.exe has 17 MByte in size and comes with file version 10.0.15063.0.

Media Creation Tool may be used on older Windows systems to create install media for Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15063.

Just launch MediaCreationTool.exe from Windows. A wizard will guide you through all steps to download an install image, install the upgrade or create install media. The links below points to German blog posts, where I detail how to use Media Creation Tool.

Windows 10: Download mit dem Media Creation Tool – Teil 1
Windows 10: Tipps und Infos zum Download– Teil 2
Windows 10: Upgrade vom Installationsabbild – Teil 3
Windows 10: Clean Install vom Installationsabbild – Teil 4

Windows 10: Media Creation Tool Troubleshooting-Tipps
Windows Media Creation Tool: Error 0x80070005 – 0xA0019

ISO images for MSDN- and Volume license contracts available

Users having access to a MSDN account or to Volume license center may be download the ISO install image files from these portals.

Download ISO install images as an ordinary user

Microsoft doesn't propagate it, because ordinary end users shall use Media Creation Tool to download ISO install images containing an install.wim. But there a two ways, to download ISO files legally from Microsoft's servers:

Using the tips given above provides the ability to select the install language, or switch between 32 and 64 bit install media.

Windows 10 V1703 SDK

Microsoft announced within a blog post that's Windows Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 10 Creators Update is available. The folks at German site has provided here the download links for the required packages.

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  2. James Roger says:

    I downloaded the creator update but did not like its features. After install a new OS, Microsoft shows downgrade option early after upgrading to Windows 10 and remove it after one month. I recently upgrade my windows 8.1 Professional operating system to windows 10 Professional being getting a license from ODosta Store at:
    But I did not like its overall structure. I think Its not Windows 10, Its version should be windows 6 as it has many faults.

    I tried to downgrade back to my existing win 8.1 os and I saw as Microsoft was giving me option to downgrade. I thought that I'll downgrade after two month But after two month when I tried again, Microsoft removed that option. Now what to do. I searched and found your post, Which is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing these details here.

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