WannaCry & Co.: EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker and Crysis Ransomware Decryptor

Security vendor ESET has published two tools allowing users to fight against ransomware attacks like WannaCry (WannaCryptor) or Crysis. The EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker and the Crysis .wallet/.onion Decryptor are available for free.


EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker

Is my system up to date and protected against the EternalBlue exploit? The ESET EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker allows to test whether Windows is patched against the EternalBlue exploit. This vulnerability has been used during the WannaCry ransomware attack. Also mining malware Adylkuzz is using this vulnerability.

Crysis Decryptor

The second tool offered, is the Crysis .wallet/.onion Decryptor. The tool decrypt files already encrypted from a Crysis ransomware variant. Encrypted files has extensiones .wallet and .onion. The decryption key has been published on May 18, 2017 at BleepingComputer.com.

Both tools are offered fro free on ESET websites.

Download EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker
Download Crysis .wallet/.onion Decryptor:

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