Flash Player Update (August 8, 2017)

Sicherheit[German]Adobe (and Microsoft) has released on August 8, 2017 another Flash Player update that fixes vulnerabilities. Here are a few details about this security update.


The Flash Player for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 has been updated through patches released from Microsoft (see Weitere Microsoft Updates zum Patchday 8.8.2017).

Adobe Flash Player-Update (August 2017)

Adobe has published a Security Bulletin APSB17-23 and released Flash-Player Version According to the the Security Bulletin the Flash Player versions listed below are vulnerable.

Product Version Platform
Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime and earlier Windows, Macintosh and Linux and earlier and earlier Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome
Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 and earlier Windows 10 and 8.1

Updates to version are available from this Adobe site. If the Flash Player is already installed, auto update shall install the new build. In Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Microsoft’s Update KB4034662 ships the new version. Also updating Google Chrome browser should also update the Flash Player.

Which Flash Player version is installed?

To check the installed Flash Player version, visit this Adobe web page. The page displays the installed Flash version and also whether an update is available.

 Flash-Player Update-Seite


If you use this Adobe page to update the Flash player, take care not to download PUP’s (like McAfee Security Scan Plus and True Key from Intel). The direct download links for all Flash Player installers may be found within this (German) comment.


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