Tip: DeepL, a German machine tranlator beating Bing/Google

Today a tip for my English language blog readers. My German blog far more articles then this English language blog. Since a week a new and free translation service, named DeepL, is online. The service is operated by a German company and it’s results beats Google, Microsoft and Facebook in machine translation.


As a native German I’m confronted with machine translated German KB articles from Microsoft (they are using Bing translate). When I need machine translation, I go to Google Translate. However, both translation services leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality.

DeepL a German machine translating service

The free service from German company Linguee has been public since last Monday. The website https://www.deepl.com/translate offers free translations in seven languages. German web magazine heise.de writes here, DeepL doesn’t use recurrent neural networks (like Google), but relies on Convolutional Networks. This seems to result in a much better translation quality. [You can use DeepL, to translate the heise.de article from German to English for a test.]


I used the program for a rough translation from German to English. The result had to be reworked – but it was a respectable result. I will probably use this service more often now.


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