Windows 10: App download ends with error 0x803FB107

[German]Some users of Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1) may facing an issue. Downloads from store are ending with error 0x803FB107. Also people, who bought Forza Horizon 3 are seeing this error.


The error code 0x803FB107

According to my research so far, error code 0x803FB107 appears under Windows 10 when downloading from the store. In this MS Answers forums thread, someone describes this error that occurs with all app downloads.

The error code is unfortunately not really documented (in the sources I have access to), but seems to affect a number of users. 

Error 0x803FB107 downloading Forza Horizon 3

For Forza Horizon 3, there seems to be an increased number of users receiving error code 0x803FB107 when downloading the game. The following post can be found in the MS Anwers forum.

Code: 0x803FB107 When trying to download Forza Horizon 3

Getting this error only with this game. I even bought Plague Inc to test if it was all paid apps but i can download that just fine.

From Microsoft, somebody has provided the following explanations, why the error may occur.

If you encounter issues with downloading a specific game on Windows 10, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • There’s a network interruption during the download process.
  • The free storage space on your device is not enough to download the game.
  • Your network bandwidth is low.
  • Your device doesn’t meet the game requirements.

Then a couple of common diagnostics steps to repair the issues are given. Also this German forum thread contains a hint mentions network interruptions (here is the translated text):


In the official forum a moderator posted a “solution”.
This means: The download must not be paused and the internet connection must not be interrupted or you have to wait until the game has been released.

With a download volume of 100 GB, this can be quite a challenge. Slow internet connection, Internet Security Suite, which is in between, etc. can cause a download interruption. Weak servers or unstable Internet connections could also be a problem. This MS Answers forums thread contains posts with the observation, that at some point the download speed decreases and returns to zero. Apparently, the synchronization of the download from the store can no longer be established after the download was interrupted. 

The error code 0x803FB107 ‘Something unexpected happened’ will be shown (see Screenshot above).

Within this reddit thread somebody describes a tricky approach to download the app.

But within this thread at MS Answers some people has reinstalled Windows 10 to be able to download Forza Horizon 3 successful.

Error 0x803FB107 during app download

In some cases, it may be helpful to completely uninstall the app (if a previous version was installed) and to repeat the installation (see here). I also found the information that the error code stands for “This issue occurs due to corrupted or missing Windows settings.”. That would explain, why some users get the message that the app cannot be installed on an SD card – even though no SD card is specified as a destination.

Personally, I would try to reset the store (press the shortcut Windows+R and type wsreset.exe into the Run dialog box. Then run this command to reset the Windows Store cache). Also a service (licence or update service) not running has been been noticed as cause (see this MS Answers forum thread for Windows 8).

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