Adobe Flash Player released

Sicherheit[German]Prior to Microsoft’s November 2017 patchday, Adobe has released an update for the Flash Player to version This is a critical security update, that closes five vulnerabilities.


In security culletin APSB17-33 Adobe quite this security update for Linux, macOS and Windows with priority 2 (it’s a risk for an attack, but no attack is known) an. This update closes five critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-3112, CVE-2017-3114, CVE-2017-11213, CVE-2017-11215, CVE-2017-11225). Visiting this Adobe site, version should be offered for download.

Adobe Flash Player

At there are download links for uninstaller and other Flash stuff. If you have installed the Flash player and auto update is on, the new version should be installed automatically. Flash in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 shall be updates via Microsoft Update.

Which Flash Player version do I have?

The installed Flash version can be queried on this Adobe web site. There you can see if the Flash-Player is supported in the browser, which version is used and which version is available for the update at Adobe.

Flash-Player Update-Seite


If you update the Flash Player via the above Adobe page, make sure that the PUPs offered (McAfee Security Scan Plus and True Key from Intel) are not installed with the software.

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