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Adobe released Flash Player

[German]Adobe released on December 12, 2017 a Flash Player update for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS. This updates the player to version It’s a major update that includes bug fixes, security updates and new features.

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Vulnerability in Symantec Encryption Desktop

[German]Symantec Encryption Desktop encryption solution includes a critical local privilege escalation vulnerability that can be used to attack the encrypted NTFS data.

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Critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Malware Protection Engine (CVE-2017-11937 and CVE-2017-11940)

[German]Microsoft’s Malware Protection Engine has a critical memory corruption vulnerability that allows remote code execution. Microsoft released a security advisory on December 6, 2017 and says corresponding security updates are available. Here are what I found out till now. [Update: … Continue reading

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TeamViewer: Vulnerability allows permission changes

[German]The TeamViewer software, commonly used to remotely control computers, has a security vulnerability. This allows attackers to hijack a session and attack the target computer. A patch is available.

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Leak: oBike exposes user data to social media

[German]Chinese firm oBike offers bikes to rent in major cities around the world. A data leak provided personal data of customers (name, email, location data) freely accessible via social networks.

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Hacker are misusing CVE-2017-11882 in Office EQNEDT32.EXE

[German]Microsoft Office is shipped with old equation editor EQNEDT32.EXE that contains a vulnerability. This vulnerability is used by hacker to distribute malware.

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HP installs secretly HP Touchpoint Analytics Client telemetry client

[German]Here is an Information and Question addressing owners of HP Windows devices. It seems that Hewlett Packard silently installs a telemetry client on Windows computers. Here are a few details.

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Security patches for Samba

[German]The free Samba software contains a ‘use-after-free’ vulnerability in all versions since Samba 4.0 (released in 2012). A 2nd ‘heap memory information leak’ vulnerability is present since Samba version 3.6.0. Bit Linux distros are offering patches.

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Data breach: imgur has been hacked in 2014

[German]Image hoster imgur confirmed, that they has been hacked in 2014. The intruders has stolen email addresses and password for login.

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MS Office Build-In-Feature: Can be used for replicating malware

[German]Microsoft Office Build-In features have a vulnerability that allows malware to spread. Microsoft doesn’t see any vulnerability – but now a’ qkG Ransomware’ seems to have emerged that uses exactly this technique.

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