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Issues with Microsoft’s February 2018 updates

[German]In February 2018 Microsoft released a series of updates for Windows, Office,. NET Framework etc. Some users have encountered issues with these updates. Below I’ll summarize the update issues.

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Microsoft delivers updates via HTTP & more security obscurity

[German]Microsoft currently fails to deliver updates in a secure way. In a Security by obscurity style, Microsoft offers update downloads via insecure http protocol. This also applies to downloads from the Microsoft Update Catalog. And Microsoft Update Catalog strikes, if … Continue reading

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Microsoft bans store apps using ‘Windows’ in name

[German]Currently, developers of various apps that are available in the Microsoft Store received a mail from a lawyer who is on behalf of Microsoft. The mail requests, that the developer has to remove his app from store because of an … Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface: TPM updates, coil whine and LTE image

[German]Today an article about Microsoft Surface models addressing several topcis. Some Surface Book 2 devices has coil whine, and Microsoft released TPM firmware updates. And there is a trick to obtain a recovery image for the Surface LTE.

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Microsoft Security Update Releases (January 22, 2018)

Microsoft has revised several security update descriptions and released a summary what has been updates. Here’s an overview, what’s changed so far.

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Microsoft Security Advisory Notification January 10, 2018

Microsoft has released this night a new Security Advisory Notification – dated January 10, 2018. This notification lists revisions of Security Advisories released or updated recently. Here are the details.

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Microsoft Security Update Summary for January 9, 2018

[German]Microsoft has released a couple of security updates for Adobe Flash player, Microsoft Office and .NET Framework. Here is a brief summary about those updates.

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Trouble reaching Microsoft Update Catalog

[German]Currently there seems to be massive trouble with the ‘Microsoft Update Catalog’. Reaching Microsoft Update Catalog seems to works only at random. Here are some information about the topic. Maybe blog readers can confirm the observations or know a cause … Continue reading

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FYI: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification (January 5, 2018)

[German]Beside the revised Security Update Advisory, mentioned within the blog post PSA: Microsoft Security Update Releases January 5, 2018, Microsoft released also a 2nd Security Advisory Notification, detailling security revisions related to ‘speculative execution side-channel‘ mitigation.

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PSA: Microsoft Security Update Releases January 5, 2018

[German]Microsoft has revised a number of Security Update Releases on January 5, 2018. Here is an overview, what has been revisioned.

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