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An undocumented Office 365 REST api for Outlook activities

[German]It’s an interesting discovery for administrators. Microsoft Office 365 has an undocumented API that allows administrators to read the activities of Outlook email accounts.

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Outlook app shows birthdays one day too early

[German]Strange issue I recently recognized on Facebook. One MVP colleague complained that birthdays listed in Outlook app on his iPhone were displayed one day too early.

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Office 365: Zero-Font bypassing weakens email security

[German]Cyber criminals are currently using a well-known zero-font bypassing technology to trick Office 365’s Microsoft security filters on emails and smuggle spam onto systems.

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Update Outlook due to vulnerability CVE-2018-0950

[German]There is a serious vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook that can allow the stealing of access data or send the system into a BlueScreen loop. Microsoft has released a patchday update (April 10, 2018) to close the vulnerability.

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Microsoft retires Outlook Web App (Android/iOS)

[German]Microsoft has announced the retirement of Outlook Web App (OWA) for iPhone, iPad and Android. Since an Outlook app for iOS and Android devices is available, OWA will be retired in May 2018. What seems to be a minor thing, … Continue reading

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Fix: Outlook mail issue in KB4011089, KB4011090, KB4011091

[German]Users of Microsoft Outlook ran into a problem with archived emails after installing Microsoft’s September 2017 security updates. The problem has now been fixed.

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Outlook Sept. patch day bug reviews (iCloud, VB-Script…)

[German]Microsoft hasn’t been too successful with the latest updates for Outlook. Every update shipped for Outlook during the last months is causing issues. Since May 2017, one patch after the other has been causing problems. Here is the attempt to … Continue reading

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Update KB4011039 causes again Word/Outlook 2016 table bug

[German]Users of Word 2016 or Outlook 2016 are facing a strange bug since last August 2016 patch day: Merged table cells are displayed broken or incomplete in both Office modules. Now it seems, that September 5, 2017 Update KB4011039 breaks … Continue reading

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Update KB3213656 causes table bug in Word/Outlook 2016

[German]Microsoft has released several updates for Office 2016 on August 8, 2017. One was Update KB3213656 for Word 2016, which causes issues with merged cells in tables. The bug affects Word 2016 and also Outlook 2016.

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Microsoft Outlook security update revisions (July 27, 2017)

Microsoft has undertaken CVE-2017-8571, CVE-2017-8572, and CVE-2017-8663 addressing vulnerabilities within Microsoft Outlook a major revision. The reason is to fix vulnerabilities (and known issues) in affected Office versions.

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