Microsoft Azure down in Europe / worldwide?

[German article]Do you use Microsoft Azure? Last year in November we have had an outage of Microsoft Azure and some services. It seems now, just two months later, that today Azure services hits a second massive outage in Europe. Several users are reporting Azure is down for hours on Twitter.


Searching Twitter for Azure down provides a list of Tweets from distinct users, reporting a massive Azure outage in Europe.

It seems, that also other Azure related services are not reachable. Here I can access, but it seems, that an Azure Test-Server I’ve set up, isn’t reachable. Well, we have January the 13th, and we also have Microsoft patchday today. But I believe, there is a simple explanation for this outage – and it has nothing to do with mystery, voodoo or bad karma. Are you affected by todays Azure outage?


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