Windows 10: New Updates for Build 9926

Microsoft released this night 3 new patches for Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926). These updates prepares Build 9926 for upcoming Builds from _fbl_impressive branch.


I don't run my Windows 10 installation on a daily base, otherwise I would have recognized it this night: Microsoft rolls out new updates for Build 9926 Windows 10 Technical Preview. Users can download them by going to Windows Update in the Settings app. Then let Windows search for new updates. My German Windows 10 install reported  a couple of updates.

Here are some details about the pending update for Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926).

Update KB3037975 is for Internet Explorer Flash Player and has been released February 10 2015. But it seems to me, that this patch has been enrolled later, because I haven't found it during writing this German blog post. Also the definition update for Windows Defender (KB2267602) should not be named during the new patch cycle.


But update KB3040021 (Update for Technical Preview) and KB 3021952 (Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer) are released on February 18 2015. mentioned also KB3038930 (they have a typo in KB number so far) is not offered on my machine.  

  • KB 3021952: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer is described here and has been offered on February patch day. 
  • KB3040021: This update for Windows 10 Technical Preview is described here, the release date is February 13 2015 – but this update has been reported with release day Febrary 18 2015 on my machine. It fixes a problem during installation of further Windows 10 builds. 
  • KB3038930: This patch hasn't been offered for install on my machine, but Gabe Aul has announced it – the details are described here. It also prepares Windows 10 Build 9926 for upcoming builds.

Installing these updates requires a restart of Windows 10. Here are the Twitter announcments from Gabe Aul regading these updates.

So we can assume, that we will receive a new build till the end of February. And the new build will be (probably) from fbl_awesome branch (Build 100xx). I guess, this ne build will come with new features like Spartan browser and more. I found this suspicious posts (althoug the source is unknown).

Here sombody noticed, that the new updates changed the registry entries for branch name from "Awsome" to "Impressive". BTW: Microsoft has compiled February 17 2015 build 10.0.10023.0.fbl_cde.150217-2159 (see BuildFeed).  

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