Ubuntu: convergence demonstrated – awesome video

Today just a "shorty" – Canonical is also working on touch based Ubuntu OS and they are developing Ubuntu One phones. So convergence in user experience across several devices is an issue.


Microsoft has announced that it plans to bring Windows 10 on several devices, from desktop to tablet to phones. They just released a preview for Windows 10 for Phones and they created something called "Continuum" for Window 10. Continuum shall bring the best user experience on Desktop systems using mouse and keyboard. And if a user switch to a touch based device, a start screen acts as a user interface.

But how does Ubuntu manage it's approach on different devices (phones, tablets, notebooks)? I just stumbled about a shot post from François Simond at Google+ – François pointed me to a YouTube video Convergence in action on Ubuntu , made by Will Coke. He used an ordinary Intel based tablet to demonstrate convergence in Ubuntu. Awesome – I'm overwhelmed (as a Windows techie) – just have a look.

(Source: Will Coke Youtube)

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