Windows 10: Update KB3105208 for Preview pulled

Yesterday update KB3105208 for Windows 10 Preview bricked a lot of UEFI systems, because the patch wasn’t (probably) signed properly. Now Microsoft has pulled this update.


I’ve blogged about this incident at Windows 10: October Update KB3105208 causing BSOD PROCESS_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. The update was shipped for Windows 10 Insider Preview, but the blue screen PROCESS_INITIALIZATION_FAILED has confused many users – even Microsoft Surface Pro 3 owners are affected.

Gabe Aul announced at Microsoft Answers forum and also via Twitter, that Microsoft has removed this update from Windows Update servers.

Also a Microsoft support engineer published some advices at Microsoft Answers forum how to fix the non booting Windows 10 issue.


In the short term, this appears to be the easiest path to resolution:

  • Boot UEFI, disable Secure Boot
  • Enter Bit-locker key if required
  • Boot into OS
  • Uninstall KB3105208
  • Reboot machine to ensure full uninstall
  • Re-enable Secure Boot

If you’ve already tried a system restore, the path to resolution looks to have a few more steps and I’m working to outline that right now.

Here’s the steps if you’ve already gone through the restore process:

  • (Computer has already attempted a repair after blue screen)
  • Launch Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Enter Bit-locker key if required
  • Select a recovery point prior to yesterday when the affected KB was installed
  • Boot into OS (even if you see a failed message for the restore)
  • At this point you’ll notice Store doesn’t launch, and many apps don’t launch
  • Re-launch system restore and use the same restore point used in the previous steps
  • Reboot machine and you should be back up and running

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