Nitrokey Storage: USB Security Key for Encryption at Indiegogo

[German]IT security is currently one of the dominant topics that concerns everybody. Global hacker attacks and surveillance scandals requires to replace passwords and enable encryption wherever possible. Today the Indigogo project USB Nitrokey was launched.


Nitrokey Storage is a USB device that operates as a "digital latchkey" to protect your data and user accounts. It allows for the secure encryption of emails, files and hard drives, secure login on the web and contains encrypted mass storage for your files. The encryption keys are stored securely in the hardware at all times. Insecure and difficult-to-remember passwords are replaced with this secure and easy-to-use USB key.

(Source: YouTube)

In the post-Snowden it's mandatory, that security devices have to be open-source and open hardware. Without open-source the security of systems can't be guaranteed and spy agencies can backdoor proprietary devices. This is why Nitrokey Storage are 100% open-source and open hardware. Nitrokey is the only open security key available. Further details may be found here at

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