Windows 10 Anniversary Update kills Cortana (Fix)

Some users are complaining after updating Windows 10 to version 1607 (Anniversary Update) that Cortana doesn't work anymore. Here is a solution how to fix it.


I've mentioned this issue in my German blog post here (because I stumbled upon this thread). It seems that this issue has something to do, that Microsoft changed the settings for Cortana search and removed the switch to enable or disable this feature. And also Update KB3176929 is involved. Now a possible solution is available:

1. Enter regedit.exe in the taskbar's search box and press Enter to invoke the registry editor.

2. Navigate to the key given below and change the value as recommended.

The registry key is:



There should be a DWORD value BingSearchEnabled that has to be set to 1. After logoff and logon Cortana should work again for search.

If that doesn't fit, try to create a new user account and test, whether Cortana works or not. Another option is to rollback patch KB3176929 (see also here) that updates Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Build 14393.10 and block the update until Microsoft has fixed the bug.

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  1. Jens says:

    BingSearchEnabled did the trick, thanks

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