Windows 10 Creators Update, what’s new

In March/April 2017 Microsoft will release Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) for all Windows 10 users. Here are a few details, what the newest leaked build indicates on upcoming features.


Pauses updates for 35 days

Well, Windows Update is terrible broken in Windows 10, and Microsoft is aware oft his. But unfortunately Microsoft's management still is focused on "eye catchers" for VR and social media users. Early after release of Windows 10 RTM some Microsoft developers provided us with wushowhide.diagcab, to cure the biggest mess – stalling updates (see How to block Windows 10 updates). There I've mentioned that feature updates can be deferred for a while) – this option "defer updates" is shown in the following screenshot, obtained from a leaked Windows 10 build 14997 Enterprise.

Update options

A new option Pause Updates is shown, indicating, that a user can pause update installation for 35 days. Only Windows Defender updates will be processed. But I guess, this option won't be available in Windows 10 Home Creators Update.

BTW, there is a petition started from Susan Bradley. She wanted a change in Windows 10 update. But till now, not 7,500 people has already signed this petition – it's a shame.

Game Mode and other new gimmicks

Within the internet some users are providing their findings in new Redstone insider preview builds for Windows 10 Creators Update. The site reports here about a Game Mode – but no real details are provides (the feature seem non functional). Cortana may be used during installation to set up speech control (just a gimmick, same category like the "green" colored blue screens mentioned during the last days within several internet site, or in the category of providing a QR code within blue screens, without giving detailed explanations what to do to solve that issue).

I read also that the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update will com with a "night mode" (see here) already available in iOS and Android, to dim the device display from blue to a red tone. There are some other small improvements mentioned in rumors during the last days. I guess we have to wait until end of March or early April 2017 to see, what's in Windows 10 Creators Update.


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