Windows 10 SDK Preview build 15003 released

Just a short note – Microsoft has released not only Windows 10 Preview build 15007 for Insiders and Windows 10 Preview build 15002 as an ISO file last week. Also a Preview of Windows 10 SDK Preview is available for download.


The build number doesn't correspond with a public Windows 10 preview release. You need a Windows 10 preview with a build number 15003 or greater to use the SDK. According to the announcement from Microsoft made within the Windows blog, there SDK are also requires Visual Studio 2017 RC. Here's what's new:

  • This Windows SDK includes updates and additions to the Windows namespace. See section API Updates and Additions below for the list.
  • Debugging Tools for Windows has been updated with a few new features, including JavaScript scripting and extensibility. See the (old) blog post from 2016 here for more information.

In the "known issue" section of the blog post Microsoft mentions, that there is no Emulator with this release. And you cannot specify the new SDK version 15003 when creating a new project [in Visual Studio 2017 RC]. The new Preview SDK is a pre-release and cannot be used in a production environment. Please only install the SDK on your test machine. The Preview SDK Build 15003 contains bug fixes and under development changes to the API surface area.

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