Windows 10 Version 1709 ‘feature locked’?

[German]It seems that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, expected in September or October 2017, is ‘feature complete’ or more precise ‘feature locked’. Here are a few more details.


At BUILD 2017 Microsoft has announced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and told us, what to expect. One feature announced, was Timeline – a function allow users to sync their work across all of their Windows 10, Android and iOS devices. Now it seems, that many planned features like timeline, didn’t make it into the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. After Tom Warren insisted that at Twitter (see also), Joe Belfiore from Microsoft confirmed that.

Zack Bowden from WindowsCentral nailed it down. If Microsoft moves all announced features new to Fall Creators Update to the upcoming Spring 2018 Update, the current Insider Builds might be ‘feature frozen’. 

It seems that two new builds a year is to much for Microsoft. We have had the well announced People app, that has been postponed from Windows 10 Creators Update to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. And also in previous builds some features has bee postponed to a ‘next build’. Reading many comments from Microsoft enthusiasts, I can sum it up ‘It would be better for users, if Microsoft came out with one well designed, tested and stable new Windows 10 build once a year instead pushing out quick shots of Windows 10 feature updates’. What’s your opinion?



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