VirtualBox 5.1.24 released

Virtualbox[German]Oracle released VirtualBox Version 5.1.24 on July 28, 2017. It’s a maintenance update. Here are a few details.


According to this change log Virtualbox 5.1.24 fixes the following issues.

  • VMM: mask the VME CPUID capability on AMD Ryzen processors for now to make certain guests works, for example Windows XP
  • VMM: emulate more SSE2 instructions
  • VMM: properly clear the TF and AC flags when dispatching real-mode interrupts
  • GUI: fixes to make the mini-toolbar work with recent versions of KDE / Plasma (bug #16325)
  • GUI: fixed a potential crash when a VM with multiple screens is running in full screen / seamless mode and a host screen is removed, for example when connecting to the host via RDP
  • GUI: fixed initial size hints for guests which set intermediate sizes before responding (bug #16593)
  • GUI: prevent stopped screen updates or black screen on reboot in a multi-screen setup under certain conditions
  • Audio: many improvements for Windows 10 guests (bugs #15189, #15925, #16170, #16682, #16794 and others)
  • Storage: fixed possible crash when using Intels SPDK
  • API: use the correct file name of the VM machine state if the VM settings directory is renamed, for example during grouping / ungrouping a VM (bugs #16075 and #16745)
  • API: return the correct error code if powering up a VM fails
  • API: video recording did not automatically start at VM start when enabled in the VM settings (bug #16803)
  • API: when relocating a medium, check that the target path is fully qualified
  • EFI: fix for VMs with more than 3504MB RAM (bug #11103)
  • Host-only adapter: correctly determine IPv4 netmasks on Windows hosts (bug #16826)
  • NAT network: properly do the refcounting for starting / stopping the NAT / DHCP services if the NAT network is changed while the adapter network connection type is anything else but NAT network
  • VBoxManage: fixed controlvm videocapfile (bug #16779)
  • Windows hosts: fixed crashes if driver verifier is enabled (bug #15741)
  • Linux / Mac OS X hosts: more fixes for loading shared libraries (5.1.20 regression; bugs #16778, #16693)
  • Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.12 fixes (bugs #16725, #16800)
  • Linux hosts / guests: reduce the kernel stack consumption for Linux kernels with CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACKdefined
  • Linux hosts / guests: fixes for kernel modules built with gcc-7 (bug #16772)
  • Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.13 fix (bug #16887)
  • Linux hosts: don’t depend on net-tools on newer distributions as this package is deprecated in favour of iproute (bug #16764)
  • Linux hosts: make 2D video acceleration available for older Linux distributions (5.1 regression; bug #16858)
  • Linux Additions: fix for dynamic resizing with Oracle Linux 6 with UEK4
  • Linux Additions: make Fedora 25 and 26 Alpha work when 3D pass-through is enabled
  • Linux Additions: no longer recommend removing distribution- installed Additions if they are updated to our guidelines

Virtualbox may be downloaded for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux from here.


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