Microsoft AD tries to trick users under iOS

[German]It is well known that Microsoft sometimes uses unorthodox advertising methods (I express it cautiously). The latest attempt to trick iOS users working with (currently only in the USA) left a bitter taste.


An iOS user, obviously located within the USA, brought up this case. Here are a few details about this case., Microsoft's email service is a service from Microsoft (and not the Office program Outlook – most blog readers know that, but there are always confusion). This service also offers a free mailbox, which can be used in any browser – I always do that for my test accounts.

And Microsoft offers several apps for Android, iOS and also for Windows to manage mailboxes and calendars from You can also integrate the account into third-party mail apps.

Hello iOS users, I'll make you an 'offer'

Let's com back to the present case. Microsoft has also developed an app for iOS. And perhaps some folks at Microsoft thought, it's silly for people on their iPhone or iPad to use Safari browser, iOS mail client or any other iOS app to communicate with That should have to be changed ….

Therefore, individual users on iOS, not using Microsoft's iOS app are presumably randomly selected. They will found suddenly an email within their inbox, informing them, that the synchronization has been temporarily disabled. The user should check the configuration of the mail app. One user has shared this mail on Twitter.


Microsoft says, they have temporarily paused the synchronization of and recommend the use of the official Outlook app for iOS. And there is a prominent button to download this app.

Of course there is a hint that you can continue to use in a browser. But they are not linking the option #No thanks, continue using current app' directly. Instead they say 'use the link above' – a prankster who thinks evil. One of my Windows Insider MVP colleagues, Martin Geuß from German site Dr. Windows, mentions, that his guess was, that Microsoft is testing the water and see, how the feedback is. What do you think of Microsoft's approach?

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