Nice? Microsoft fixes an old Excel select issue

[German]Good news for Microsoft Excel users. Microsoft's developers are in the process of fixing an annoying error in the area of Excel's selecting cells in a spreadsheet.


In Microsoft Excel, you can select individual cells (see figure below). Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the cells to be selected. 

Zellmarkierung in Microsoft Excel

But there's one annoying bug: If you select cells and unintentionally click a cell, you can no longer deselect this unintentional selection of a cell. You have to deselect all cells and start again. Users participating in Office 365 Insider Program received version 1712 (8828.2010) on December 9, 2017. Microsoft wrote within this document:

By popular request, in Excel, you now have the option to deselect cells that you accidentally clicked without having to start over.

The Excel-User-Voice entry collected 311 votes. I assume, that this fix won't make it's way to older Excel variants. (via)

Sometimes emotions about Microsoft Office, its compatibility with products such as LibreOffice or Softmaker Office are heating up – also within my blogs. There are users claiming, that MS Office is the only real choise, and the other office products are just garbish.

Just for curiosity I run a test. I have a portable version of LibreOffice 5 on my hard drive (that doesn't offer me MS Office). So just for fun, I startet the module Calc from LibreOffice and then try the same. What should I say: Selecting and deselecting non-adjacent cells works in LibreOffice like a champ. 

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