How to update Flash Player in Chrome or Slimjet?

Sicherheit[German]How can I check and manually update Adobe Flash Player integrated in Google Chrome or in a derivatives like Slimjet browser? In the blog post I’ll give you a short guide.


Both the Google Chrome and the Slimjet browser come with integrated Flash Player. If a vulnerability is found in Flash, Adobe usually releases a patch. But how to update Flash in Google Chrome or in the Slimjet browser? There are always browser updates, which include the latest Flash Player.

Chrome browsers has a Flash auto update

You don’t have to wait for browser updates. Google Chrome and its derivatives such as Slimjet have an auto update function. This causes the browser to download the latest Flash Player version as soon as it is available..

Version des Flash Player Slimjet 17.0.6

A reader of my German blog notified me within this comment at my blog post Slimjet 17.0.6 verfügbar, that his Slimjet browser has been updated (see screenshot above) before Adobe released a patch globally.

How to check your installed flash version?

The question that some users of a Google Chrome and its derivatives like Slimjet might ask: ‘ how can I check which version of Flash is used in the browser and can I trigger the update of the Flash player’`?


The installed Flash version can be tested at this Adobe web page. The browser shold show the Adobe page shown below.


The place marked with an arrow indicates that the Flash Player is missing. The reason is that the player is deactivated by default (for security reasons) in Google Chrome browser and its derivatives. If you click on the symbol of the’ puzzle piece’, the following security prompt appears.

Flash freigeben

If the user click to Allow, the browser enables Adobe Flash Player.


Then you can see if the Flash-Player is supported in your browser. On the Adobe page you can also see which version is available for an update from Adobe (but this information is sometimes lagging behind).

How to update Flash in a browser?

Instead of using the above test page, you can also check the Flash version integrated in your browser directly in Google Chrome/Slimjet. Enter the command chrome://components to show this page.

Flash-Version in Google Chrome

This also works for Slimjet browsers, which then switches to slimjet: //components (otherwise use this instruction). In the component list you will find an entry for the Adobe Flash Player. This not only indicates the current version, but also contains a button to check for updates.

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