Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions

[German]It seems Microsoft is launching a new installation variant of Windows 10 Enterprise: Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions. Could it be the replacement for Windows Terminal Server?


There is not too much information – the new SKU is probably offered with the Windows Insider Preview Build 17713 (RS5) ISO (see Windows 10: Insider Preview Build 17713 available as ISO). Tero Alhonen @teroalhonen has posted some screenshots of the installation on Twitter. Here the selection in the setup dialog (just click on the screenshots to get the tweet and with the next click an enlarged representation of the picture).

Below are screenshots of winver and its registry, after successful installation of Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions.

The next screenshot shows the Command Prompt window with four active remote connections.


I got a feedback from one of my sources via Facebook (should no longer fall under NDA) who wrote: This could be the replacement for terminal servers that the rumour mill has been talking about for a long time. Windows Server as LTSC-like OS is too slow for the new features needed for Terminal Server as Windows 10 Desktop, so the Terminal Server now moves to the Windows Client.

Anyone who has already experimented in this direction or knows more details or articles from Microsoft?

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2 Responses to Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions

  1. vmx says:

    Is it renamed version of "ServerRDSH" found in RS4-era?
    And yes, MS is moving RDSH to client.

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