Surface Pro: New driver and Firmware for touch performance

A brief information for owners of a Microsoft Surface Pro (2017). Microsoft has released driver and firmware updates for the device to fix problems. And there is a complaint that such updates are performed on insider machines without user consent.


Driver and firmware updates

he relevant changes to the August 8, 2018 release are listed in the Update History and apply to the Surface Pro (2017) with Wi-Fi and LTE (models 1796, 1807) running the Windows 10 Creators Update (V1703) or later.

Surface Pro
(Surface Pro, Source: Microsoft)

The list of driver updates ranges from Bluetooth drivers to network drivers and indicates that system security is improved. The Update Surface Touch Servicing ML – System Devices is intended to improve the performance of the device for touch and pen operation (see also at MSPU). 

Firmware update tests without user consent?

My MVP colleague Barb Bowman has discovered that Microsoft is probably testing firmware updates on Surfaces machines that are in the insider program without the user noticing. At least she’s clearly complaining within this tweet.


Any of you noticed that? Or is this a regrettable individual case or an error.


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