Windows 10: August 2018 update shown twice with ‘Internal – Corpnet required’?

[German]Short question to Windows 10 owners: Have the Windows 10 August 2018 updates appeared twice and with the text ‘Internal – Corpnet required’ within the list of upcoming updates?


The error description

Susan Bradley, who is engaged as moderator at, has recognized frequent reports of duplicate August 2018 updates on Windows 10. The duplicate updates are displayed on affected systems with the addition ‘Internal – Corpnet required’. If you search for the term ‘internal – corpnet required 2018-08 cumulative update’, there are many hits (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Windows 10 Update ‘Internal – Corpnet required’

The above screenshot is from a Chinese version of Windows 10 V1803 and was posted in the Microsoft Answers forum. On you can find the following screenshot of an English Windows with the same entry:

Windows 10 Update ‘Internal – Corpnet required’

The affected person tried a fresh installation there, and the error was gone. According to what I saw during a web search, the problem has been occurring since August 2018 Patchday – first hits are from August 15, 2018.


In there is this entry, in which the whole thing is discussed. Internal – Corpnet Required] indicates that this update is intended as a test version for internal use at Microsoft.

Microsoft seems to have some problems with shipping updates to the right machines. Over the weekend, I reported in the German blog post Ups: Insider Build regulären Windows 10-Nutzern angeboten that Windows Insider Previews were offered to regular Windows 10 users. 

Is Microsoft aware of this issues?

I guess, Microsoft might be aware of this issue, because this article was published in the Microsoft Answers forum on August 17, 2018: 

internal corpnet required

Windows 10 1803 update 8 says [Internal – Corpnet Required] 2018-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4343909)

Volunteer Zackary Vanosdol writes that the error is known and gives hints for solving the problem. 

Hello! Sorry you are having this issue. Hopefully we can fix it.
Go to PC settings > update & Security > troubleshoot > windows update

Run the update troubleshooter here
Run a SFC scan

The affected user confirms that a multiple execution (3 – 4 times) of the update problem handling has eliminated the duplicate entry. Later on I found that this hint has also been given in local Microsoft Answers forums (spanish for instance) by Microsoft moderators.

Note: I like to mention, that the sfc command has been broken in Windows Server 2016 for months (see my old blog post Windows Server 2016: May 2018 Update bricks sfc).

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