Microsoft’s failed Windows 10 V1809 browser experiment

It seems that Microsoft failed pretty well with it's attempt, to recommend Edge browser to Windows 10 users, who attempt to install Google Chrome or Firefox. I've blogged about that in my article Microsoft intercept Firefox/Chrome installs.


A few days ago, I blogged about the attempt from Microsoft, to prevent users from installing Chrome or Firefox as a browser in Windows 10. Several Windows 10 Insider Previews builds (that will end in Windows 10 V1809) showed a popup, during the installation of Chrome or Firefox.

This triggered a kind of backslash on twitter and many blogs are reporting that. Shortly after that, I read somewhere, that Microsoft quote it as 'just an experiment', but won't display that 'warning' further. Microsoft ditched it within the new Windows 10 Insider Preview build, das CNET reported here. And MS Power Users titled 'experiment failed' within this article.

My 2 cents: It's just another experiment, one of many others from Microsoft, that failed. And it makes me feel so old – because I can't barely remember the days (in the previous millennium), where I used Microsoft operating systems in a 'it simply just works' way.

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