Adobe Reader DC 2019.8.20080 Hotfix Update released

win7[German] Adobe has released a hotfix update that upgrades Reader DC to version 2019.8.20080. The update addresses some major bugs in the product and is available for macOS and Windows. 


According to this page, the hotfix update is intended to fix the following major bugs in the product under macOS and Windows:

  • 4261446: acOS Acrobat Crashes, when applying AEM Forms Document Security Policy.
  • 4261378: Reader home view comes on top when selecting Print/Quick Print from context menu of file from explorer or outlook.
  • 4261333: Adobe Reader sometimes creates “GPUCache” Folder on opening a PDF document.
  • 4261724: Acrobat opening minimized pdf window on opening second file with single document mode.
  • 4261968: Redact, Protect, Optimize PDF, and Send for Review tools in RHP are not getting suppressed on applying FeatureLockdown keys.
  • 4261664: Registry setting to disable Webmail feature, is not being honored.

The hotfix may be downloaded here for macOS and Windows. Kown issues may be found on this Adobe page.


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