Windows Admin Center 1904 GA

Microsoft has made the Windows Admin Center 1904 GA available for general use (GA). Here is some information about this software that can be used to manage Windows operating systems.


Windows Admin Center is an administration program for Microsoft Windows and Windows Server operating systems, which should simplify their administration and make it more central. The Admin Center is available for Windows Server 2012 or later servers and Windows 10 or later clients. Microsoft Windows Management Framework (WMF) version 5 or later must be installed to manage Windows Server 2012 and to take advantage of PowerShell features that are not included in these versions of the operating system.

Microsoft writes about this: The Windows Admin Center is a customer-supplied, browser-based app for managing servers, clusters, hyperconvergent infrastructures, and Windows 10 PCs. Within the framework of Windows, the app is available free of charge and can be used immediately in production. Some information can also be found here.

Windows Admin Center 1904

One year after the launch of Windows Admin Center 1804 on April 12, 2018, Microsoft has now released version 1904.

The Windows Admin Center GA versions follow the semi-annual channel releases of Windows Server according to this Microsoft document. See the linked Microsoft page for information about what’s new. To download Windows Admin Center 1904 and browse the updated documentation with all new features, go to the Web page.


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