Greetings from the past: PC can now only boot into UEFI

Like a little ‘Schadenfreude’? I just came across a tweet from an ex-employee who was responsible for Windows 8. The guy bricks his Windows devices in series so that they can only boot into the UEFI.


he ‘boy’ is none other than Steven Sinosfsky, head of Windows 8 development at the time. With Windows 8.1 Sinofsky had to say goodbye to Microsoft in 2012. But Sinofsky is also responsible for the jump to the UEFI train.

I had noticed Sinofsky the last time in August 2018 because a Windows RT update had brickt his Surface RT (see A Windows Update bricked Steven Sinofsky’s Surface RT). Sinofsky was probably one of the last Mohicans who uses a Surface RT with Windows RT – for which he was responsible. Now Sinofsky has become attension with another tweet..

So he has a PC that has made the slide and can only boot into the UEFI setup mode. This usually means that the boot files are damaged (by updates). But Sinofsky knew how to help himself and has chosen the standard procedure ‘Reset Windows by Recovery Mode’.


All I can think of is ‘eat your own dog food’. And especially exhilarating was his statement that this was already the third PC in 2019 where this happened. Hilarious. (via)

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