Is Windows 10 V1903 offered to non-insiders?

Is there anyone of you who is not an Windows Insider and who was offered the feature update to Windows 10 May 2019 Update (V1903)? Here’s the background for my question.


I received a reader’s tip via German news portal Heise that this might be the case. The information from a reader was:

On a tablet PC I already received the latest feature update for Win10Pro via autoupdate today (build 18362.53).

Unfortunately, this information from the tippster does not give any further information – whether the device was already included in the Windows Insider program (a misconfiguration could have caused the offered function update). A quick search didn’t give me any more hits.

In consultation with the Heise editorial team, my question was therefore whether something like this had happened to anyone else? I sent the reader a mail with questions. It remains exciting to see if anything else has happened.


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  1. heikwith says:

    W10 Release Preview Ring ?

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