May 1st: Labor day

Today we have May 1st, and here in Germany is Labor day. I spend the day on a long walk in sunny weather – it’s spring time here in Germany– had some barbecue – and enjoyed a nearly perfect day … that’s why I have a special treat for you.


It’s a miracle for me, walking 16 km, like today, because I’ve had a terrible sports accident in March 2015 with a spine injury in my neck. That day ended with paralyzed arms and legs; and I had three heavy surgeries. The doctors thought I was a case for a wheelchair. But after three months I was able to raise my arms again over my head, do simple things like eat by myself using a spoon or fork and use a cup or glass to drink something. It’s now four years since then, and I still have sometimes heavy nerve pain, but I can walk, work and do a lot of sports, to improve the muscles within my neck. March, spring time and May 1st have a special meaning to me – it’s some kind of birthday.

So today, I haven’t blogging. Due to the fact, that my blog visitors are mostly a bit ‘older’, and we have labor day here in Germany, I have a special treat for all of you. The title ‘Slabo day’ (such a labor day) from famous Peter Green. So sit back, relax and enjoy …

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