Microsoft upgrades Skype for Business to Teams

SkypeAs I remember that Microsoft has long had plans to replace Skype for Business (Lync) with its Microsoft Teams. There seems now that the upgrade will be announced in Skype for Business.


I don't use Skype for Business, so I only got a glimpse of it on the sidelines. Skype for Business was the Lync Messenger – an acquisition from Microsoft, which was then renamed. There was reports that Skype for Business (Skype4B) in Office 365 will be replaced by Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has published an article about interoperability and coexistence of both solutions – and here is an article about upgrading to teams.

Now I found the above tweet from blog reader Karl. Apparently Skype for Business reports that it will (soon) be replaced by Microsoft teams (see the following screenshot, and this Microsoft article from March 2019 on migration).

Skype for Business will be upgraded to Microsoft Teams
(Skype notification – Source: Microsoft)

Karl expresses the fear that this could cause trouble for administrators. What's your opinion about that?


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