Firefox 67 and 60.7.0 ESR

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have released an update for the Firefox browser on 21 May 2017, which upgrades the browser to version 67. The update to Firefox 60.7.0 ESR has now also been released.


German blog reader trenncrohl has left a comment (thanks) about this update. The new browser version should auto update itself within the next days. A Firefox restart is required for installation. Version 67 brings some new features:

  • Starting with Firefox 67, several Firefox versions can be installed in parallel. Each installation uses its own profile.
  • The content blocker was extended in Firefox 67 by two functions. The Custom area allows to block Cryptominer and Fingerprinting elements.

Mozilla plans to roll out WebRender with the release of Firefox 67 to 5% of users. This should allow a faster display. Mozilla has published this release notes with more details. Some details are also discussed within the Mozilla Blog.

In a security advisory, the developers also announced what critical vulnerabilities they had fixed in Firefox 67.

The current version can also be downloaded directly for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download: Firefox 67
Download: Firefox 60.7.0ESR


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