Tor-Browser 8.5 released, also for Android

Sicherheit[German]On May 21, 2019, the developers of the Tor project released the new version 8.5 of the Tor bundle for the desktop. Tor is now also available in an Android version.


Tor Browser 8.5 for Desktop

Blog reader lodenhainz has already pointed out in this comment (thanks for that) on May 21, 2019 the update of the Tor browser to version 8.5. The announcement was made in this blog post from the Tor project. I used the Help menu to check the Tor browser on my Windows system for updates. The dialog box claimed to have an update for the Tor 8.0.9 browser. However, after restarting the browser, I was notified of version 8.5.

Tor Browser 8.5 is now available on the Tor browser download page and in the Tor distribution directory. Tor Browser 8.5 includes Firefox ESR 60.7, which contains important security updates.

Tor available for Android

The developers of the Tor project have now released a version for Android. They are writing: After months of work and feedback from our users, Tor Browser 8.5 contains our first stable version for Android as well as many new features on all platforms. The Android version is available at Google Play and should be available the next day at F-Droid.

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