Firefox 69 released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developer have just (September 3, 2019) released version 69 of the Firefox browser. The browser blocks third-party tracking cookies as well as crypto-miners.


Firefox 69 is a completely new major version whose innovations are presented in the Mozilla blog

Enhanced tracking protection

It had been announced for a long time – Mozilla provides an enhanced tracking blocker for third-party cookies. From the telemetry data, developers know that over 20% of Firefox users have Enhanced Tracking Protection turned on.

In version 69, Enhanced Tracking Protection is automatically enabled by default for all users worldwide as part of the "Default" setting in the Firefox browser and blocks known "third-party tracking cookies" according to the Disconnect list. This feature was first enabled for new users in June 2019.

Mozilla hopes to improve privacy and security. With the current version of Firefox, developers expect to provide protection for 100% of users by default. Enhanced Tracking Protection works behind the scenes to prevent advertisers and businesses from profiling surfers using third-party tracking cookies.

The Enhanced Tracking Protection can be seen when visiting a website. Then a sign symbol should be visible in the address bar.


(Source: Mozilla)

If the shield icon is visible, tracking should be disabled. If you click on the shield icon and then select the hyperlink to display the tracking cookies in the Content Blocking section, the browser displays which tracking URLs are currently being blocked.

(Source: Mozilla)

Crypto-Miner and Fingerprinting

In addition to blocking third-party cookies, Crypto-Miner and scripts for fingerprinting are also attempted to detect and block. Crypto miners dig for crypto money and drain CPU power and battery charge from the affected devices. The browser now offers an option to block crypto miners, which is now enabled by default, even in 'Standard Mode' of content blocking.

With fingerprinting, providers try to track the surfer via scripts on different websites. They retrieve a snapshot of the system configuration when visiting a website and use this fingerprint to track surfing habits. To protect against fingerprint scripts, Firefox users can enable 'Strict Mode. In a future release, it is planned to enable fingerprint protection by default.  

Release notes and downloads

The release notes contains further details about new features. There are performance improvements and support for Windows 10, including Hello logon. On macOS the battery consumption has been reduced by the browser. The automatic execution of Adobe Flash is suppressed (it is then asked every time) and the browser no longer loads userChrome.css or userContent.css by default to adjust the display.

For system administrators in enterpirse environments manageing macOS computers, a Mozilla-signed PKG installer is now shipped to simplify deployment. Version 69 also fixes a dozen, sometimes more critical, vulnerabilities listed in the security advisories

Firefox 69

The browser should be offered via auto-update or manual update search in the help menu. The new Firefox is also available for download here for various platforms.

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  1. EP says:

    hi guenni.

    Firefox 69.0.1 will soon be released tomorrow as I've beta tested an RC release of 69.0.1.

    also Mozilla plans to release new Firefox versions every 4 weeks next year:

    this is even faster than Microsoft's pace of releasing 2 feature updates a year for Windows 10.

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