Thunderbird 68.1.2 Released

[German]The developers of the Thunderbird email client have now released version 68.1.2. This is a maintenance update for the main 68 version of the email client.


The release notes state that Thunderbird version 68.1.2 is only available as a direct download from The version is not available as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 60 or earlier.

Only the future version 68.2 will support the update from earlier versions. Once you have installed Lightning, Thunderbird’s calendar add-on, it will automatically update to the new version of Thunderbird. If you have problems with the calendar add-on, you can find more information here. Here is the list of fixes and new features in Thunderbird 68.1.2:

  • Visual glitches: Missing context menu in filter, downloads, password manager and Config Editor search boxes, unwanted scrollbars and cut-off text in Account Manager, incorrect colors in Calendar agenda scrollbars, theme issues on Windows 7

  • FIXED: Some attachments couldn’t be opened in messages originating from MS Outlook 2016
  • FIXED: Address book import form CSV
  • FIXED: Performance problem in message body search
  • FIXED: Ctrl+Enter to send a message would open an attachment if the attachment pane had focus
  • FIXED: Calendar: Issues with “Today Pane” start-up
  • FIXED: Calendar: Glitches with custom repeat and reminder number input
  • FIXED: Calendar: Problems with WCAP provider

The e-mail client is available for download for Windows, Linux and macOS at The system requirements are described on this website.

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