Chromium edge can prevent PUP downloads

Edge[German]The Chromium Edge browser from Microsoft has been given a way to block Potentially Unwanted Software (PUP) during download.


I came across this information via this tweet a few hours ago, which Microsoft explains here.

Windows users suffer from the effect that when downloading, unwanted additional software often comes with the actually desired program in the package and is then installed with the application. For example, Adobe tries to smuggle in McAfee software when downloading the Flash Player. The following figure is taken from the article Adobe Flash Player released where I point out the by-catch.

Flash Player

As a user you have to take care that the optional offers (e.g. often McAfee Security Scan Plus and True Key from Intel at Adobe) are not installed. In the figure above, the corresponding checkboxes must be unchecked before downloading. The supplier of the software receives a share from the company whose software is included in the download. Because nobody wants such software, it is classified as potentially unwanted.


The Edge blocks the download

Microsoft is aware of this problem. Potentially unwanted applications can affect user productivity. Users’ computers are often slowed down or even damaged (if optimizers are included). Examples of PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications) are software that displays additional advertisements, Crypto-Miner, applications that display offers for other software, and generally applications that have a bad reputation in the antivirus industry.

In the new Microsoft Edge (starting with 80.0.338.0), Microsoft has introduced a new feature to prevent downloads that may contain potentially unwanted applications (PUA). Then the download of these applications is blocked. This feature is off by default, but can be turned on in three easy steps:

1. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Edge window …  in the upper right corner of the Edge window and select Settings.

2. In the left column of the Burger Menu Settings, use the three dashes to select Privacy and Services.

3. Scroll down to Services and then turn on the Block Potentially Unwanted Applications feature.

PUPs im Edge blockieren(Source: Microsoft)

When downloading, the download of such applications can then be blocked. This task is performed by the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which must be activated for PUA blocking.


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