LibreOffice kicks Adobe Flash support

Sicherheit[German]The end of Macromedia/Adobe Flash is foreseeable (end of 2020 Adobe officially pulls the plug). Now it was announced that the developers of LibreOffice will discontinue support for Adobe Flash or its .SWF file format in LibreOffice 7.


Flash support generally expires at the end of 2020

At the end of July 2017, Adobe announced that it was planning the end-of-life for Flash together with Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. At the end of 2020 the updating of Flash will end and the Adobe Flash Player will no longer be available for download. At that time it was said: Publishers who still rely on Flash should use the time to switch content to new formats like HTML5.

I have had published a blog post Fake News: Flash is dead? No it’s fading out is planned 2020 about this topic. From 2020 Adobe will end the support. I had expected that Microsoft would offer users in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 an option to uninstall Flash in early 2020. Instead, Redmond wants to support Flash until the bitter end, i.e. the end of 2020.

LibreOffice pulls the plug for Flash in version 7

LibreOffice offers an Adobe Flash export filter, actually since Macromedia Flash exists. But after Adobe has discontinued the Flash technology for the end of 2020 and support is expiring, the LibreOffice project is also reacting. On April 23, 2020, the Poronix website reported that the LibreOffice project has now taken steps to end Flash support.

In August 2020, the new LibreOffice 7.0 will be released. The release notes for version 7.0 can now be found in the Wiki: 

Filters: Macromedia Flash export filter was removed as Flash player will be end-of-life by the end of 2020

So the developers remove the Macromedia Flash export filter from LibreOffice 7.0 to respond to the end of Adobe Flash. A meaningful story, or is one of you missing Adobe Flash in LibreOffice? But the developers of LibreOffice 7 and higher want to support saving in Office 2007 format (e.g. .docx). (via)


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