Firefox 84 comes without Adobe Flash

Mozilla[German]Brief information for users of the Firefox browser. The days of Adobe Flash Player are numbered. Starting with Firefox 84, which is scheduled for release in December 2020, Flash support will be removed.


I came across the information that Flash will die in Firefox 84 within the following tweet.

In this blog post, Sören Hentzschel pointed out the new plans of the Mozilla developers. The Adobe Flash Player is the last remaining NPAPI plugin which is still supported by Firefox. And this will end in December 2020 with the release of Firefox 84.

Hentzschel points out in his blog post that the Flash support will actually be phased out for private users in spring 2020. So now it will take a few months longer. The flash support in chromium browsers will be removed also from January 2021 in version 88. Adobe has already announced the end of Flash support at the end of July 2017 for December 2020 (see Fake News: Flash is dead? No it’s fading out is planned 2020).

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